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Etiquette for outdoor weddings, how to dress for them, and remain cool and fresh. You can use these tips for any outdoor event you are attending.

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Train, Plane, or open road we provide tips to inspire you to be a courteous traveler.

Outdoor Dinner

Hospitality at home remains one of the true markers of true a person with good etiquette.

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Here are five of the top restaurants in Florida you simply must visit.

Dining Etiquette

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Cultural Etiquette


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Private Restaurant Dining

Why private dining rooms and restaurants are the best option for celebrations.


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Etiquette at Home

Home organization, and preparation for guests, and each member of the family. At Peerless Etiquette we believe that Etiquette starts at home.




Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea conjures up feelings of beauty and pleasure as we sip and speak to friends, family, and co-workers. Invite Peerless Etiquette to make sure you are partaking with poise and grace. Click the teapot for the tea on tea etiquette.

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Early Etiquette Experiences

For children who are currently attending Preschool who are 2-5 years old.

Secondary One / Etiquette

For young ladies and gentlemen who are in 6th-8th grade.

Undergrad Etiquette

For young adults who are in their first, second, third, or fourth year of college.

Early Etiquette Workshops

For children who are currently in Kindergarten-Fifth grade.

Secondary Two / Etiquette

For young ladies and gentlemen who are in 9th-12 grade.

Business Etiquette Workshops

I would like information about classes for executives and corporations.


Executive Etiquette

Service providers understand the importance of etiquette education to provide their clients and consumers with not merely a service or product but an experience. At Peerless Etiquette we train executives and corporations on the finer points of etiquette to maintain brand consistency and satisfaction. Our Peerless Professional Finishing School is popular amongst;

  • Realtors & Brokers

  • Finance Professionals

  • Politicians

  • Travel & Tourism Professionals

  • Event & Meeting Planners

  • Lawyers Law Firms

  • CEO's and Business Moguls

  • Fortune 500 Companies

  • Celebrities & Public Figures

  • Secretaries & PA's

  • Entrepreneurs & Executives

Business Presentation

Etiquette  Advice  for

Young Gentlemen


"Modern men don't see prioritizing learning etiquette not as important. (But they should take it seriously)"

Lonnie  Lawrence


"Manners and etiquette show respect for yourself and others. That's the definition of manliness"

Christopher Benjamin


"Take Pride in your appearance, even if you don't have fancy clothes, make an effort to look as neat as possible"

William DC Clark