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No! You still can't wear white to the wedding, nothing has changed.

Wearing white to someone else's wedding is considered a breach of etiquette because white is traditionally associated with the bride, who is the focal point of the event. Here are the main reasons why wearing white as a guest is frowned upon:

Tradition and Symbolism: White is a traditional bridal color symbolizing purity, innocence, and the beginning of a new journey. Wearing white can divert attention from the bride, who should stand out and be the center of attention.

Respect for the Bride: Wearing white may be seen as an attempt to upstage the bride or grab attention for oneself, which is considered disrespectful on her special day. It's important to honor and respect the bride's chosen attire.

Avoiding Confusion: Guests typically wear colors other than white to distinguish themselves from the bride. This tradition helps avoid any confusion regarding who the bride is in a crowd of guests.

Historical and Cultural Norms: Across many cultures and historical periods, white has been exclusively associated with brides. While contemporary fashion has evolved, this tradition remains deeply ingrained and widely respected.

Etiquette and Politeness: Good etiquette involves being considerate of others and adhering to societal norms. Wearing white to a wedding is seen as a lack of consideration for the bride and the established social expectations.

Avoiding Unintended Implications: Even if the intention is not to compete with or overshadow the bride, wearing white can still give off that impression. Choosing another color demonstrates thoughtfulness and respect.

Preserving Wedding Photography:

In wedding photographs, a sea of white could lessen the visual impact of the bride's gown, making it less striking in the pictures. A variety of colors in the guests' attire adds depth and interest to the overall visual appeal.

To ensure a smooth and harmonious celebration, it's advisable to choose attire that respects the traditions and expectations associated with weddings. Opting for other colors that align with the specified dress code or theme shows consideration for the couple and their joyous occasion.



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