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Tea is a refreshing alternative to lunch or dinner. There is a timeless quality of going to tea. Afternoon tea conjures up feelings of elegance and gentility. Whether you are meeting friends, colleagues, or clients for tea, Peerless Etiquette will help you enjoy the delightful experience of going to tea by showing you how to properly “take tea” and avoid embarrassing ” faux pas.

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Book a Tea Etiquette Course for yourself or for you and a friend or a small group. Classes can be booked for groups of 2-12 participants. We try to make classes to large so that everyone receives the attention they deserve.

Become Certified in Tea Etiquette and begin hosting your own classes with knowledge and materials to conduct your very own class. Our curriculum is beautiful and  keeps students engaged.

If you are an Alumni or a certified Tea Etiquette Instructor, we invite you to join Peerless Etiquette as Professional Association member. Click the button below to choose your membership.


Classes can be booked privately for one on one instruction, or in small groups of 4, 8, maximum of 12 per class. For larger groups than 12, a second instructor will be brought in to ensure every participant is receiving personal attention.

Dress-code for classes is strictly enforced, dress code is semi-formal


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