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Top Tier Tea Etiquette

Tea is a refreshing alternative to lunch or dinner. There is a timeless quality of going to tea. Afternoon tea conjures up feelings of elegance and gentility. Whether you are meeting friends, colleagues, or clients for tea, Peerless Etiquette will help you enjoy the delightful experience of going to tea by showing you how to properly “take tea” and avoid embarrassing ” faux pas.


Tea Topics

Going Out to Tea

Business Etiquette & Tea

Making Introductions at Tea

Brewing Tea Properly

Guest Duties at Tea

Tea History

Tea Types & Harvesting

Tea Recipes

Hosting an Afternoon Tea

High vs Low Tea

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International Tea Etiquette

ITE – Tea Cultivation and the Tea Trade

ITE – The Sensory Evaluation of Tea

ITE – Taiwanese Teas

ITE – Indian Teas

ITE – Chinese White and Green Teas

ITE – Chinese Oolongs and Black Teas

ITE – Chinese Dark Teas & Gong Fu Brewing

ITE – Teas from Sri Lanka and Nepal

ITE – Teas from Africa & Brewing Parameters

ITE – Japanese Teas

ITE – Teas from South Korea & Vietnam

ITE – Tea Tasting Events, Food Pairing, Tea Rituals

Sponsorship Opportunities

Peerless Etiquette Tea Sponsorships are a popular way to give individuals who wouldn't get the opportunity to learn and enjoy tea time the opportunity to do so. You can sponsor a none profit organization of your choice in Miami Dade County, Broward or the Palm Beaches, or Tampa Florida. 

Sponsorship packages can cover one participant, a small group of 4-6, or a semi large group of 6-12. Keep in mind that a tea etiquette sponsorship must be sponsored in a way that will allow all participants to learn and enjoy themselves.


A very large group looks great in photos but at Peerless Etiquette we are known for quality over quantity, there is a certain level of dignity we wish to preserve so please sponsor no more that 12 individuals at one time.


Classes can be booked privately for one on one instruction, or in small groups of 4, 8, maximum of 12 per class. For larger groups than 12, a second instructor will be brought in to ensure every participant is receiving personal attention.

Dress-code for classes is strictly enforced, dress code is semi-formal

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