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Summer Bohemian Vibes

Appearance Etiquette and Style Cultivation:

Appearance is major part of etiquette how one present a themselves says so much about the kind of person they are rather it be fact or fiction.

With Summer upon us we want to highlight how a specific style genre takes center stage for its ease of wear, comfort and flow and lightweight materials. I’m talking about Bohemian Style.

Many of us who claim a different style genre as our favorite can’t ignore the pull to prints, maxi dresses, and oversized linen with embroidered detail and oversized hats when summer comes knocking. I find it inspiring that every genre of style has its season no matter what style you proclaim as your favorite, and during summer bohemian style steals the show.

Here are a few items you'll need to embrace summer with ease and flow.

A large floppy hat: a large straw hat is a staple of summer to shield us from the heat.

Cute metallic sandles to pair with everything from shorts and flowy blouses, to maxi skirts and sun dresses. Metallic is the most versatile color to spruce up any summer look.

A bathing suit in a contrasting color from your skin tone that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

A large straw bag to carry all your essentials this summer, pick a neautral color that plays well with your color combinations.

At least seven summer essentials are needed three tops, one skirt, one pair of shorts, and two dresses mixed and matched throughout summer.

Summer is the one season that beackons us out of our style rut and into a carefree and effortlessly chic ensemble that fully embraces the sun. No matter what your style is during summer wear it with confidence.

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