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Tipping Etiquette

Whenever you visit a restaurant a15% tip is custom, but if you received exceptionally great service 20%-25% is warranted. It is so important that we remember most restaurant staff in the US depend on their tips to make ends meet. At Peerless Etiquette we have had the pleasure of training service staff on the finer points of etiquette that continue to stand out in the world of hospitality with the added edge of Etiquette training.

So we feel it is our duty to spread the word that restaurant staff should be compensated for their service. If you cant afford the 15% or 20% then you really shouldn't be dining in.

Now let's talk about gratuity, when gratuity is already added to the bill you do not need to tip on top of that price. However, if the service was above and beyond and you had a wonderful experience, by all means add an additional tip, and let the server know you enjoyed yourself. Sometimes, I go the extra mile and phone the manager about my experience so the staff member is also celebrated within their team. It feels good to be recognized not just monetarily but verbally.

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