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Life Skills and Professional Development for Young Adults 17-20 years old

At Peerless Etiquette, we provide essential life skills training and professional development for young adults. Our career development and business etiquette courses are designed to provide the necessary tools and skills needed to make a lasting impression in the professional world. Whether you’re attending interviews or interacting with coworkers, our courses offer etiquette guidance on how to present yourself in a poised and professional manner.

  • Pride in Appearance

  • Dressing Professionally

  • Dining Etiquette

  • Social Media and Personal Image

  • Business Dining Etiquette

  • Dealing with the opposite sex (Good Choices)

  • Professional Behavior

  • Job Interview Etiquette

  • Home Management (first apartment)

  • Time Management

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Zakiyyah Shakir-Benjamin created the Peerless Etiquette curriculum to be integrative, creative, and adaptable for individuals, educational institutions, organizations, and corporations. Participants who experience our courses will strengthen their understanding of their emotional intelligence, learn the skills necessary to forge meaningful relationships, and improve their lives personally and professionally.

After seven years of research and training, our curriculum embodies four critical components of emotional intelligence and soft skill development:

  1. Appearance and Self Care

  2. Behavior Etiquette and Refinement

  3. Communication + Emotional Intelligence

  4. Life Skills Training 

Each lesson expands into twelve curriculums that build on top of the others from introductory to mastery. Introductory lessons are for children, intermediate lessons are for teens, advanced lessons are for adults, and train-the-trainer lessons are for individuals who wish to become Peerless Etiquette Independent Consultants.

How we achieve it?

Classmates in the Library

Etiquette for Teens
Peerless Etiquette Magazine Article

Portrait of african teenage boy at college campus with students walking by in motion blur.

Etiquette for Teens
Peerless Etiquette Magazine Article

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