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Should you accept a drink from a stranger?

You are out to dinner or at a lounge where a gentleman from across the room sends you a drink. Do you accept this drink? Is it proper etiquette to decline this drink? What should you do if a gentleman who may be interested in you sends you a drink at a lounge?

Decline. Decline. Decline.

The first thing to remember is safety; you don't know what's in that drink because you didn't see it made yourself. I advised ladies to be cautious about a beverage sent over to you from a strange man. Your decline of the glass isn't rude; someone who doesn't know you and sends you a drink believes they can purchase an opportunity to speak to you or quickly place you in their debt.

Accepting a drink from a stranger opens the door to more conversation, and you can be sure the next step will be taken with entitlement. From across the room, you can wave and say thank you or send the wait staff back with a message that says thank you for the drinks, but no thank you.

Never accept a drink from someone you do not know. Proper etiquette doesn't mean you are a pushover and take anything given to you, especially when your safety is on the line. Being polite doesn't mean saying yes to everything; being polite doesn't mean taking everything someone wants to give you. You can still be polite and decline, and I advise you to do so


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