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Setting Sail to Etiquette Island: A Tale of Cruise Ship Manners with Peerless Etiquette

Ahoy, dear companions of propriety and fellow adventurers!

Imagine the sea breeze kissing your cheeks, the sun embracing your skin, and the excitement of embarking on a voyage from Miami to the paradisiacal Aruba. Ah, a cruise—a journey of dreams and relaxation. Yet, this tale isn't just about sun-soaked beaches; it's about the vital ingredient that elevated our voyage—Peerless Etiquette.

As we set sail on this maritime adventure, I encountered quite the cast of characters. One such character, whom I affectionately named "Captain Clueless," embodied the epitome of bad cruise ship etiquette. Captain Clueless excelled in line-cutting, buffet table conquests, and treating the ship's pool like his private water kingdom.

One incident remains vivid. Picture a buffet line winding around the corner. Captain Clueless swooped in like a tempest, meandering through the queue with a platter larger than a ship's rudder. Murmurs and disapproving glares followed him like the wake of a ship.

With a deep breath and a heart brimming with grace, I approached Captain Clueless. "Excuse me, sir. The line begins back there. Let's all be fair and make this voyage delightful for everyone."

Captain Clueless blinked, seemingly hit by a tidal wave of manners. The concept of "waiting your turn" appeared to confound him. Nevertheless, he complied and sailed back to the end of the line.

During the voyage, similar encounters arose like playful dolphins in the sea. Each time, a friendly reminder or a gentle gesture worked wonders. It's astonishing how a simple "please" or "thank you" can transform a situation faster than a ship's horn signals departure.

As the cruise approached the charming destination of Aruba, an epiphany swayed our ship—good etiquette wasn't just about rules; it was about fostering an atmosphere where everyone could genuinely enjoy their journey. It was about being aware of others and fostering a sense of camaraderie.

Whether on the pool deck, in dining areas, or exploring the beauty of the islands, etiquette was our guiding star. Politeness, patience, and a sprinkle of humor made our voyage a delightful escapade.

Ahoy, Etiquette Champions of Peerless Grace!

So, fellow travelers, as we dock in Aruba, let this tale remind us that in the vast ocean of life, a generous sprinkle of etiquette, particularly the kind fostered by Peerless Etiquette, can turn stormy seas into calm waters. Let us be mindful, patient, and friendly in shared spaces, for the seas are friendlier when we all sail with the flag of good etiquette.

Smooth seas and courteous breezes on your etiquette adventures, guided by the light of Peerless Etiquette!


Zakiyyah Shakir-Benjamin, the Etiquette Voyager, believes in navigating life's seas with the unmatched elegance of Peerless Etiquette. Ahoy to a life of courteous voyages!



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