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Salt and Pepper Etiquette

Salt & Pepper Etiquette Tips: Do’s and Don’ts The salt and pepper will always be married at the dinner table. Pass them together, it doesn’t matter that I asked for salt, send them both.

Don’t salt your food before tasting it, especially at a business lunch or dinner interview. (It’s a sign that you jump to conclusions and you don’t think before you act)

If someone asks for salt, it’s not the time for everyone to salt their food as it’s getting passed along. (Shows self interests over the needs of others)

Salt a little then taste before adding anymore (Shows you conserve resources and only use what’s needed. Salting too much all at once shows you overdo things and you’re wasteful)

Peerless Etiquette Pictured teaching the young men of DCS Mentoring Program Inc @peerlessetiquette



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