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Leave a legacy of love, and positive affirmation

Owner and Founder of Peerless Etiquette Zakiyyah Shakir.

Leave a legacy of love, and positive affirmation:

Children become what you tell them they are and respond to the love you give. You can literally speak a child toward greatness with your words and your love. Both my grandparents, great grandparents and my parents spoke life into me. They told me how smart I was, how beautiful I was, how kind I was and pointed out the good in me every chance they got. Thinking back, my mother never had a bad thing to say about me even when I was acting up. Instead she said “You know better, I expect you to do better next time” no scolding, no shaming just belief that I was better than I chose to behave at the time.

My father spoke competence into me, he trusted me with big projects and gave me responsibility over important affairs and let me work through problems and figure things out my way always reminding me he was there if I needed help.

Speak life into your children, tell them how special they are, believe they can do great things and expect it, God gifted me a wonderful husband three daughters 17,11, and 9, and a bonus son who is 22 years old. I constantly affirm the good in them just like my family did me. Because words have more power than you think and the power of love is all encompassing.

Use your words to heal, inspire, and affirm the good in those around you, and watch them flourish.


Zakiyyah Shakir



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