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Group texting is rude

Etiquette Tip: Group text without a persons a consent is improper etiquette. If a person hasn’t agreed to a group text and is thrown into one. It is their right not to participate.

Reason 1: A persons personal phone number is theirs and theirs alone to share with whom they want to share it with. Placing them in a group chat makes their phone number easily accessible to those they may not wish to have it.

Reason 2: The time that you add someone into a group text might not be conducive to their schedule. Expecting an immediate response in a group setting is impertinent.

Reason 3: Placing married men and women in a group chat is disrespectful. Especially if the woman or man is of a specific faith whose religion separates the sexes physically, and socially. Sharing their personal information is doubly impertinent.

A group email is better suited for business as an email is less personal and less intimate. Refrain from placing people in a group text situation who you haven’t received permission from to do so.



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