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Grandparents are a blessing - A Poem

Oh, how I envy those fortunate souls,

Whose lives are touched by grandparents' roles.

They are the ones who hold wisdom's key,

Guiding their grandkids with grace and glee.

In this fast-paced world we live today,

Where traditions and manners start to decay,

Grandparents stand tall, like pillars of old,

Teaching etiquette, stories yet untold.

With patience and love, they impart the art,

Of graciousness and manners, right from the start.

A gentle reminder to say "please" and "thank you,"

Lessons in respect and how to bid adieu.

They weave tales of yesteryears gone by,

Of dining protocols and how to reply,

Toasting with elegance, sitting up straight,

Grandparents instill values that truly resonate.

In a world obsessed with gadgets and screens,

Grandparents teach the value of routines,

Sharing stories around a cozy hearth,

They bring back traditions, a priceless rebirth.

They teach the art of conversation, my dear,

To listen intently and speak with clear cheer.

To hold eye contact and show empathy,

Grandparents mold characters for all to see.

In their presence, children learn humility,

To value others and practice empathy.

To hold open doors and offer a hand,

Grandparents teach manners that forever will stand.

Oh, how I long for those wise souls,

Whose legacy of manners beautifully unfolds.

For in their teachings lies a treasure untold,

Etiquette and manners, worth more than gold.

So, let us celebrate the blessings they bring,

Grandparents, the guardians of tradition, they sing.

For they pass down values that truly endure,

Etiquette and manners, forever secure.

Share with with your grandparents on this grandparents day.

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