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Elegance is an attitude

Most people believe elegance is something you can buy in a store, or wear as a mask, or purchase and have it shipped. A lot of money is spent to appear elegant and still fall short. Why? Because elegance is an attitude, an attitude that is a reflection of your inner dialog and your growth through your life experiences. It's a release of control from what you thought you were suppose to be and an acceptance of all that you are. The most elegant men and women have a few things in common;

  • The are slow to speak and eager to listen

  • The dress simply and comfortably

  • They tailor rather than embellish

  • They are unapologetically themselves

  • They are well read and well informed

  • They all have impeccable etiquette & social graces

This very short list of attributes makes a world of difference when it comes to shaping your mind and heart toward elegance. Elegance is the cultivation of quality over quantity, and the disposition of discretion and modesty over vulgarity. This can't be taught in one etiquette course but it can be cultivated over time for the man or woman who wishes to embody elegance from within.


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