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Connection over Perfection

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to the young ladies of Girl Power Rocks and our conversation was healing. As an etiquette professional people expect me to show up and begin telling them what they need to change about themselves to be more polished and graceful.

However, at Peerless Etiquette our goal isn't to create actors for the moment or make students and clients perform for a marketing video to attract new client's. Our company is called Peerless because we understand we aren't teaching etiquette the way our grandmothers may have learned it. Peerless by its very definition is unmatched, and unique. We are teaching Etiquette for the 21st century authentically and our clients and students appreciate it.

Why? Because the very word etiquette makes many people feel defeated, because it's associated with antiquated and outdated rules of behavior that they can't sustain for longer than the etiquette class they are taking. At Peerless Etiquette we do not insist on perfection and we do not point out every flaw; or shame our students in anyway. However, we do offer suggestions, and rally around our students with inspiration, and encouragement creating a safe space to fail and try again.

The young ladies from Girl Power Rocks were pleasantly surprised that I came to get to know them, and listen to them, compliment them and give them gifts. Why? Because sometimes advice comes in observable action. Action that creates a safe space to ask for the help you need.

Before I left, many of the girls opened up about what they would like my assistance on improving. Had I come in telling, showing, and talking at them they would have remained quiet; acted how I told them for the duration of class and forgot everything upon dismissal. Instead they received an even more valuable skill; they learned to be vulnerable and ask for what they needed. On our next visits together I look forward to unpacking the tools and showing them how to use them to build the best version of themselves.



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