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Cocktail Etiquette Tips

Cocktail parties are sure to have you on your feet walk to and from or standing for long periods of time the first step to showing up authentically and elegantly to your next cocktail party is:

1.Wear sensible shoes: Wearing sensible shoes helps you mingle and mix without walking as if your feet are hurting. Wearing sensible shoes also helps you focus on others instead of the pain you are in. For women that could mean choosing a shorter heel, or a different toe box for comfort.

2. Get use to carrying your drink in your left hand, so that your right hand is free for handshakes. This take some getting use to, but practice makes perfect.

3.use your evening bag as a little table for your drink to free up your hands, having a drink in one hand a handbag in the other is sure to become a burden as the party goes on. Choosing the right sized bag will help you feel composed and organized.

4. Don't ghost the host, make sure you locate the host at the beginning of the party and before you leave the party to say goodbye.

5. Do not overstay your welcome, when the mingling has come to and end and the people begin to trickle out, take your leave. Do not be the last to linger.



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