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Age appropriate Table Manners for Children

Peerless Etiquette Table Manners for Children

Table manners are not just about using the right fork or knowing which hand to hold your spoon in; they are a reflection of our respect and consideration for others. That's why it's important to teach children proper table manners from a young age. And that's exactly what our course on age-appropriate table manners and etiquette for children aged 5-12 years old aims to do.

At this stage of their lives, children are developing at different rates, both physically and socially. We understand that not all children will be able to perform complex dining skills, and we don't expect them to. Our main focus is to support their development by teaching them the basics of table manners and etiquette that they can use every day.

In this course, children will learn the fundamentals of table manners in a fun and interactive way. We believe that learning should be enjoyable, so we have designed engaging activities and games that will keep children interested and motivated throughout the course.

Some of the key topics covered in our course include:

1. Basic table setting:

Children will learn how to set the table properly, including arranging the cutlery, plates, and glasses in the right order.

2. Proper use of utensils:

We will teach children how to use their utensils correctly, including holding them in the right way and using them in a coordinated manner.

3. Eating with manners:

Children will learn how to chew with their mouth closed, take small bites, and not talk with food in their mouth. We will also cover the importance of not slurping, burping, or making any other loud noises while eating.

4. Engaging in conversation:

We believe that mealtime is not just about food; it's also an opportunity to connect with others. Children will learn how to engage in polite and meaningful conversation during mealtime.

5. Showing gratitude:

Expressing gratitude is an important aspect of good manners. We will teach children how to thank the host for the meal and show appreciation for the food they receive.

Our course is not only suitable for individuals but also for organizations looking to provide their members or employees with valuable life skills. By booking this course for your organization, you can ensure that your members or employees are equipped with essential table manners that will help them navigate social and professional situations with confidence.

To sign your children up for this course or book it for your organization, simply click the link below. We are excited to help your children develop good table manners and etiquette that will serve them well throughout their lives.



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