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Why are portions so small at Michelin Starred Restaurants?

Finer dining experiences will arrive in several courses with the cutlery needed for that course.

Your food will arrive in courses, these courses have been painstakingly planned for your maximum enjoyment. The courses aren’t meant to fill you up, but together with the other courses they will leave you satiated. Each course is meant to be an experience and leave you excited for what comes next.

Please refrain from making remarks to the staff such as “Is this all? Where is the rest of it?” even in jest's. For a myriad of reasons all of which are in poor taste.

The bill you’re presented with will be a reflection of the experience, the service, the ambiance, the restaurant ranking, quality, and seasonality of the food not the quantity of food.

Final word or warning; No doggie bags will be offered, and no doggie bags should be requested.



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