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Tea Etiquette Tips for elegant ladies and gentlemen

  1. Pinkie Down: Contrary to popular belief, extending your pinkie finger while holding a tea cup is not proper etiquette. Keep your pinkie finger down and relaxed, along with your other fingers.

  2. Gentle Grip: Hold the handle of the tea cup delicately between your thumb and the knuckle of your index finger. Your thumb should rest on the top of the handle, and your other fingers should lightly support the bottom of the cup.

  3. Stability is Key: Ensure a stable grip on the cup to avoid any spills. Your grip should be secure but gentle, maintaining control of the cup without gripping it tightly.

  4. Elegant Posture: Keep your elbow close to your body and maintain a relaxed, graceful posture. Avoid sticking your pinkie out or holding your arm too far away from your body.

  5. Sipping Gracefully: When sipping from the tea cup, tilt the cup slightly, using the handle as a guide. Avoid slurping and sipping noiselessly to maintain an air of refinement.

  6. Avoid Overfilling: Don't fill the cup to the brim; typically, tea cups are filled about two-thirds to three-quarters full. This allows for easy sipping without the risk of spills.

  7. Sip Quietly: Take small, dainty sips, ensuring your drinking is as quiet and discreet as possible. Avoid making any slurping or loud noises while sipping.

  8. Maintain Poise: Keep a composed and relaxed demeanor while holding the tea cup. Maintain eye contact with your fellow tea drinkers and engage in pleasant conversation.

  9. Tea Coaster Usage: If there's a tea coaster provided, use it to rest the cup when not in use. Place the cup gently on the coaster to avoid any stains on the table.

  10. Replace Neatly: After each sip, return the tea cup to its saucer, positioning it slightly to the right. This signals to the server that you are still enjoying your tea.

By following these etiquette tips, you'll master the art of holding a tea cup with grace and sophistication, enhancing your tea-drinking experience while respecting the traditions of tea culture.

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