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Shawn at Starbucks

I always fill out the customer service survey on the bottom of my receipts. In fact, that's the only reason why I want the receipt these days.

I enjoy leaving positive feedback whenever someone was exceptional at their job. I also enjoy complementing what was done right even if something went wrong. That's right, things don't have to go perfect for me to highlight what went right.

I love Starbucks, I pass at least 3 starbucks to get to one in particular. It's the starbucks on Pembroke Road in the target plaza. Why? Because Shawn works the checkout window and he's always so pleasant. Not in a corporate cold sort of way but in a warm and caring kind of way. If companies wanted to teach their employees how best to serve with kindness all they'd need to do is shadow Shawn.

"The difference between doing your job and making a difference is the attitude you bring to each interaction"

As an etiquette professional who teaches children, teens, adults, and corporations how to lead with kindness; I thouroughly enjoy sharing my experiences of those who seem to innately embody proper etiquette, good manners, and a pleasant demeanor.

If you're in South Florida and you want to recieve your morning coffee from a warm and kind person, visit the Starbucks in Pembroke Pines located in the Target plaza. Tell Shawn you read a blog post on Peerless Etiquette that brought you there.



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