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Hyacinth Henderson

Hyacinth Henderson is a dynamic business woman, entrepreneur, author, and boss mom. We caught up with Hyacinth to ask her a few questions about how she has managed to raise two of the most well mannered and polite children in the 21st century. Hello there Hyacinth, would you tell everyone a little about yourself.

Sure, I'm Hyacinth Henderson. Professionally, I'm The Money Lady. I'm a licensed Stockbroker, an Investment Adviser Representative, and an Annuity and Insurance Broker. I find great joy in helping people understand money and their relationship with their finances in a way that changes their lives and generations to come.

My father founded The Henderson Financial Group 30 years ago, and I've been with the firm for the past 20 years.

PE: Hyacinth, have you ever taken a formal etiquette class?

I took a private etiquette class with Peerless Etiquette to prepare me for dinner with the Prime Minister of Jamaica. Zakiyyah Shakir over-prepared me, and I felt comfortable and confident throughout the very elaborate multi-course dinner.

PE: It is always a pleasure to share the gift of civility and the power of etiquette with those interested in learning. It warms my heart that we could impart our love of etiquette onto you for such a momentous occasion. Was etiquette something that was taught at home when you were a child?

No, I wasn't taught etiquette in the formal sense. But I was taught good manners, such as respect for elders. Also, I wasn't raised to address adults as ma'am or sir; however, I was taught to "put a handle on that". A handle is a slang word for a title such as Mr. Or Mrs. Addressing people by their titles was important growing up and remains so today.

PE: Correct titles are an essential etiquette rule; I've seen everyday people take offense and heads of state fall out because of titles and forms of address being butchered in conversation or on written correspondence. Ma'am and sir are considered good manners in the South, and the military but titles are appreciated worldwide. However, being a G.R.I.T.S girl (Girl raised in the South), I learned both ways and taught my girls the same.

PE: Hyacinth, you are an excellent mom; you have raised a beautiful, intelligent, and well-mannered young lady and young man. How have you modeled good manners to your children?

Thank you so much; I am very proud of them. As a mother, I model good manners to my children by the way I treat them, as well as the way I treat others. I make it a point to teach them and correct them when necessary. My 12-year-old son knows the proper etiquette when dining out, especially at a table with ladies. We have many on-the-spot teachable moments.

PE: I have the pleasure of knowing both of your children, and you are raising a chivalrous young man. Hyacinth, what advice would you give new moms to help them model proper etiquette and good manners at home?

The advice I would give to a new mom is to remember that children are people. They may be tiny now, but eventually, they'll grow into adults. It's essential to teach them proper behaviors when they're young because teaching behavior is more manageable than breaking habits.

PE: What is one etiquette rule that you think is most important?

The most important etiquette rule to me is to show gratitude to everyone.

The words please and thank you are often overlooked, and they are very important. Also, greet and address people with a smile and by name. Save the terms of endearment for people you have a relationship with.

PE: We couldn't agree more; thank you so much for taking the time to interview with Peerless Etiquette, and Happy Mothers' Day! How can our readers get in contact with you?

YouTube: Hyacinth Henderson

IG: Hyacinth.Henderson

Or telephone 305-825-1444


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