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A Poem for Fall and Family

In autumn's gentle embrace, we gather near, Amidst the rustling leaves, our hearts draw near. As the days grow shorter and nights turn cool, Family's warmth becomes the autumn jewel.

A tapestry of hues paints the trees above, Mirroring the colors of our family's love. Golden laughter, like leaves in the wind, takes flight, Filling the crisp air with sheer delight.

The pumpkin's glow whispers tales of kin, As we carve our stories, let the harvest begin. In the orchard's bounty, we find unity, Akin to apples clinging to one tree.

Through the misty morns and amber afternoons, Weaving memories like the season's changing tunes, Together we stroll on the path adorned with gold, For family is the treasure that never grows old.

In the crackling hearth's embrace, we find solace, Sharing tales and dreams, our hearts interlace. With each falling leaf and whispered breeze, Our family bond strengthens, bringing ease.

Autumn's canvas, a masterpiece we create, In the warmth of togetherness, we celebrate. For in this season of change and gentle descent, Family remains our constant, our true testament.



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