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Everyone is different and similar

Sameness is a comforting feeling; it feels good to connect with people who think like you, talk like you, and are from the same place. However, not allowing people to be themselves and insisting that everyone behaves, looks, and acts the same can limit your growth and make others feel uncomfortable around you. This big talk comes from an etiquette influencer whose job is to help people perform a certain way, communicate and present themselves a certain way.

From the outside looking in you might assume my etiquette company ascribes to the same traditional etiquette lessons that etiquette has been known for, you'd be right and wrong. Under closer observation, you'll realize Peerless Etiquette is about living your best life, embracing who you are, and allowing others share space with you to breathe deeper and exhale fully in your presence.

Everyone is different and similar at the same time. We all want safety, happiness, and prosperity; we all want excellent relationships and deep connections with others and to feel understood. However we all may speak different languages, be from a different part of the world, or have different taste and should be accepted without unsolicited revisions.

Etiquette, at its core, is about putting others at ease; what better way to do that than to realize that everyone is different and similar and should be accepted? When you insist that another person changes who they are for acceptance, you communicate that they are not enough and further reinforce a feeling of shame or rejection unless others act the way you think they should—not realizing that your expectation of others is selfish and seeking to make you feel comfortable at the expense of others.

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