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Ms. Angie Allison - Owner of Daily Protocol

Tell us a little about yourself, include three accomplishments that you are proud


I hail from the Midwest; and have lived on both coasts as well as in the South. My

husband and I are super proud parents of two kind-hearted, creative and wonderful

young adults. I am grateful for a fabulous former career in advertising, design,

marketing and art representation. I take great pride and honor to be part of each of my

clients’ growth, flourishment and foundation with Daily Protocol.

How did kindness and good character help you succeed?

Kindness makes the world a better, happier place - individually and collectively. Good

character is the backbone to society’s civility and decency. Kindness and good

character are at the core of effectively and successfully relating to others, and making

sure everyone respectfully has a seat at the table.

Why is character and integrity so important in your work?

If one operates with the mindset of doing what is right over what is easy or fast, no

matter how difficult the situation or how much time it takes, well you are a person of

solid character and high integrity. When you possess these principles, you know you’re

doing the right thing, and doing right by people. Hence people feel cared about and


In your opinion, What are three positive character traits a person must develop,

or possess to be successful in life?

Kindness, confidence and active listening are keys to personal success, and each of

these traits embodies a host of further critical traits. Thus, as you develop and grow

personally and professionally, you can rely on these traits as your points of reference,

as well as guiding lights for success.

Who is someone living or deceased that you feel embodies/embodied

outstanding etiquette?

My mom and my Grandma A have been, and will always be, my etiquette role models.

If you could give a young person one word of advice when it comes to etiquette,

and the importance of developing social skills; what would it be?

Emotional Intelligence is the platform and gateway to folding etiquette into your life

each and every day. While it’s intuitive for some people, it is a social skill that can

always be learned, developed and nurtured. Having that keen sense of self and social

awareness can help you to be judicious in your everyday interpersonal relationships.

Share one book recommendation that changed your life for the better.

Adrienne Bankert’s book, “Your Hidden Superpower” is about how kindness - to

yourself and toward others - is a superpower. It’s a treasure trove filled with kindness

nuggets, insights and perspectives.

Share a few words of wisdom about why human kindness is so important.

Human kindness is connection, inclusivity and community. It’s about reaching out,

lifting up and linking. It shows people your care about them as whole individuals, and

expresses your respect for them. It makes and leaves an impact on others in small and

big ways. With human kindness you step up, lean in and stay there. You lead with it,

and it leads you. Human kindness is empowering.

Ms. Angie Allison

Daily Protocol: Chief Etiquette Officer, Founder, Master Trainer

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