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Shaking hands in India

During women's history month; we are celebrating at Peerless Etiquette by sharing international etiquette rules that involve women specifically. We will also be sharing stories, and profiles about women leaders from around the world.

Todays International Etiquette Tip brings us to India. This tip specifically relates to the proper way to greet women in India. Before you extend your hand you might want to read this.

Handshakes in India:

In India it's important to note that men will shake hands with other men when meeting or leaving. But when it it comes to women; Men do not touch women when meeting or greeting in India. However, Western women may offer their hand to a westernized Indian man, but not normally to others. Traditional Indian women may shake hands with foreign women but not usually with men.

This Women's history month share this tip with your followers to ensure social etiquette blunders are avoided internationally.



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