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Etiquette is my lifestyle

As an etiquette professional I not only teach the rules of etiquette and protocol to children, teens, adults, and corporations, but I enhance the lives of individuals by sharing thoughtful tips on gift giving, home making, and making others smile.

Etiquette isn’t just a job for me it’s my personal lifestyle. I live what I teach everyday; rather I’m helping a client choose the proper gifts for his partners at his law firm, or I’m partnering with an event planner helping to plan a corporate event that involves titled members, teaching etiquette to a group of elementary aged children, or helping a client plan an open house that makes his potential buyers feel welcome.

Etiquette is what I live, not merely a lesson I teach. Behind the scenes when I’m not teaching in a classroom setting I’m living what I do. That’s probably why people say taking an etiquette course with me feels warm and inviting and I put them at ease. When there’s no separation between what a person does for a living and how they live their lives; there is a level of comfort within them when teaching.

I strive to teach etiquette as down to earth as possible. I know many who are new to learning etiquette can feel a little nervous. I deliberately dress more casual (albeit preppy) than other etiquette professionals because I want my clients to feel at ease.

My companies brand uniquely reflects the person I am. I love art, fashion, and home making, I’m an accomplished designer as well, who has a tech side to me; as I code in three languages and create and maintain fabulous websites for hundreds of clients locally and internationally.

As you can see from my own company; I've brought alot of my whimsical and preppy Design aesthetic into my brand dispensing with the rigidity of the way etiquette is normally taught. It was important that my etiquette company felt cheerlful, bright and approachable for children, teens adults and corporations.

I hope you enjoy the site, I built it myself just for you. I am looking forward to working with you soon. In the meantime; do you want some free etiquette advice? If so, check out the Peerless Etiquette podcast where I share simple tips on etiquette, home decor, and style every Thursday.



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